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Organic aloe juice protects the liver by warding off toxins such as alcohol and cigarette smoke. Teeth protection: organic aloe has been thought to promote oral health (although scientific proof was difficult to come by here, too). organic aloe is supposed to work against bacteria, protecting teeth from cavities. Weight loss: Here's another benefit that will raise many eyebrows.

Several sources said they have found that organic aloe juice can actually help stimulate weight loss. Yes! organic aloe contains polyphenols (molecule compounds) that actually help the body burn weight and regulate both blood sugar and insulin levels. The bad news What's the bad news? The only negative side effect I've found is the simple recorded cases of insomnia due to natural caffeine in organic aloe juice. There seems to be only 30-60mg in 6-8 ounces of tea, however.

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That's less than half the caffeine content of coffee which weighs 90 mg. per 8 ounces cup. Other frequently asked questions about organic aloe: organic aloe How much is enough to reap the benefits? Nobody seems to be very sure of the answer to this question, either. Let's face it - most people could easily drink 3-4 cups of organic aloe juice a day. This is a good round number and one that I came up with based on its frequency in the research studied. One suggestion: why not try to replace your usual cup of coffee with a dose of good health? Where to get a good cup of tea? Check out the neighborhood store for my favorite: Lipton. There are plenty of others, but I like the way Lipton aims to zip up organic aloe juice with variety.

They even have a orange, passion fruit and jasmine flavor is de-lish! If drinking tea really is not your thing, but you still want the benefits - no problem! organic aloe is available in capsule form, also. This could be as close as your local pharmacy. Check around. In short: In the opinion of this scientist, organic aloe is well worth your consideration. The simple speculation of benefits is enough to get excited about it. It is easy to digest, organic aloe juice tastes good and, well, if you help me with my goal of prevention of health and disease, I will take enough tea time, any day!




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